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Sun Scraper by Chris Dorland


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Beatrice is proud to present Sun Scraper by Chris Dorland. This book serves as documentation of Dorland’s web-based project of the same name, and it features an accompanying essay by curator Eli Kerr.

Originally commissioned by FRONT International: The Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art in 2018, Sun Scraper is an online image archive that scrapes data from 38 news and consumer websites from around the world, with new data actively scraped and archived every hour. The public facing side of the site displays images from the archive at random as two separate layers. The speed with which the images load in the viewport is in relation to the sizes of the original files being culled. The corresponding file names and their paths are displayed in the upper left. A timestamp is displayed using both military time and a unix timestamp. The timestamp is specific to the exact time and location of each unique visitor to the site.

This book was designed using random screenshots of Sun Scraper created over the course of 48 hours. The files were subsequently laid out chronologically.

Special thanks to Michelle Grabner, Eli Kerr, Erin Knutson, Lisa Kurzner, Eric Nylund, Lyles & King, and Super Dakota.


Site development: Eric Nylund
Media Exhausts Hardware, Eli Kerr, 2019

Published April 2021
Full-color perfect-bound book with glossy cover
136 pages