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Heads by Mark Klink

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Heads by Mark Klink

Published November 2022
Casewrapped grayscale hardcover book
108 pages

Beatrice is proud to present Heads by Mark Klink. The book presents a selection of works by the artist created between 2014 and 2021.

Mark Klink has spent decades creating artworks that have embraced a spirit of information sharing largely enabled by the internet. From his ‘90s cult point-and-click shareware video game, The Haunted House, to his more recent 3D glitch experiments—for which he has published free tutorials explaining his technical processes—much of Klink’s practice has existed in an egalitarian digital space.

Created primarily using free assets and the open source software Blender, the works in Heads are the result of the artist’s continual experimentation with glitch techniques, in this case applied specifically to 3D files and modeling workflows. By modifying the binary code of .OBJ files and creatively employing built-in features of 3D software, Klink creates images that feel immediately connected to dominant languages of abstraction while simultaneously existing in their own incomparable universe.

Heads is the first book of Mark Klink’s artwork; in addition to 50 images, it also contains a new text written by the artist.